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One Night 2: The Beyond Empty One Night 2: The Beyond

Post by Gaia Noir on Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:30 am

Important! This game is completely standalone. No RPG Maker VX RTP is required to play.

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The Beyond is a freeware survival horror/adventure game created with RPG Maker VX. It is a psuedo sequel to the game One Night, however the story and locations are unrelated to the previous game and this game serves as a stand alone game.
The Beyond is not a normal RPG Maker game. In The Beyond, you find yourself trapped in a "haunted" mansion known as The Beyond, and are soon under attack by a strange, and evil power. Using your brain and your reflexes, you must think and fight your way to safety, solving puzzles and defeating horrifying enemies to make your escape.
In order to escape the terror, you'll first need to understand the cause of the nightmare. Make sure you collect all the clues so that you can understand the fate that has befallen the mansion. But, be careful. You are always in danger, and it is easy to let the fear overwhelm you. Don't give in to the evil.

The Beyond was my attempt at telling a story in other ways besides cutscenes. I wanted to create an atmosphere of being totally alone in this game, so having other characters in to tell you what was going on was counterproductive. Thus, the entire story of this game is revealed as you play via clues and discarded documents.

Note: I'm aware that a "haunted house" is perhaps the most cliched setting for a horror themed game. Keep in mind that I wanted to try my hand at using the setting and that the most prominent influence for this game is Alone In The Dark.

Story Outline

Mairstone Manor

Also known as The Beyond, this mansion was built in the early 1950's by renowned ex military general and historian Thomas Mairstone.
It is situated in the rural coal mining town of Black Valley in the isolated midwest. The entire town is isolated, being situated in a remote valley, and sorrounded by acres of dense forest. The locals fear The Beyond, and blame it for several disapearances of townspeople, including the mansion's owners, and bizarre phenomena that has been recently occuring in town.

Black Valley

An isolated midwestern mining town founded in the mid 1800's. The town's mining industry has been inactive since the 1920's due to the mines being closed for an undisclosed reason. Black Valley has a population of only 300, only a small fraction of the 1200 people it housed during the mining era.
Reportedly, Black Valley is a center for paranormal activity, with many bizarre incidents being reported each month.


Two playable characters are featured in The Beyond, each one playing in a different way and having their own unique reasons for being drawn into the mansion. Each character also has their own unique endings. To see all of the game's endings, you'll need to play through as both characters!

John Faraday

An ex police officer turned private detective. John has been hired to investigate the mysterious disapearance of a group of journalists conducting research on the mansion. John has decided to search for clues in the last place the group were known to have visited, and so heads for The Beyond itself.

Sara Wickson

A horror fiction writer seeking inspiration. It's been a while since Sara wrote a big top seller, so in order to gather material to write her next novel, Sara has decided to spend a night in the infamous mansion known as The Beyond.

Game Features

- True fear will take over as you explore the mansion, uncovering the many secrets it holds. Atmospheric graphics and sounds, combined with some genuine psychological engineering will make you feel the ultimate terror.
- A fantastic challenge awaits you, with fiendish puzzles to solve, horrifying enemies to defeat, and two different characters and four endings to experience.
- Streamlined systems such as a health indicator and custom item usage system help you keep track of notes, clues and items.
- Rivetting, tense combat, using the completely customized Decision Proximity Semi Active Battle system (DPSAB) which allows enemies to deal damage based on the direction they strike from, and allows actions performed outside of battle to affect your battle performance.


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You can download this game from the page here:
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