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Post by Gaia Noir on Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:32 am

Important! This game is stand alone. It does not require the RPG Maker VX RTP to be installed.

Legionwood 2: Revolution In Taltarus Legionwood2

Legionwood 2: Revolution In Taltarus is a thematic sequel to the RPG Maker VX game Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords.
This game features characters, names and concepts which appeared in the original game but it is important to note that this game's story and setting are unrelated to that of the prequel.
The idea was to create a similar but somewhat different game. As such Revolution In Taltarus looks different, feels different and plays differently to the first Legionwood, but retains enough similarites so as to appeal to players of the first game.
This said, Revolution In Taltarus is a rather standard J-RPG style game, with a slight emphasis on dungeon crawling and puzzle solving above exploration or character upgrading. If you like J-RPGs, you should like this too.

Story Outline

A great evil has gripped the world. Time itself has been mutilated, and the all will forever be doomed to relive the same life of terror over and over until the one who bears the Creator's soul arrives, one who will carry the legendary sword and restore peace to the world and rewrite the planet's history itself...

The world of Taltarus hangs on the brink of war. The Arechon Empire, stable and neutral for many decades has mysteriously launched a war campaign on the free lands of the world.
Harnessing the legendary power of Mana, which created the world, rumoured to be impossible to control save for the prophesised demon said to arrive at the brink of Taltarus's life, the Emperor encroaches on Endor, the last free kingdom.
Rean, holding a legendary weapon known as the Sword of Lore passed down to him from the hero Gaia, is set to play an important and unforseen role in the death and rebirth of the planet. long with his companions, the Remnants, members of the world's last free army, Rean will set out on a journey to reseal the Mana Shards, sources of the emperor's power, before the Mana balance becomes unstable and Taltarus itself tears into pieces.
What they experience along the way changes their lives, their destinies, and the fate of everyone alive now and everyone yet to be born. They must discover the dark secret behind the empire's invasion, a secret that has held the world in it's grasp for thousands of years, and one which links them intimately with both the current crisis and the very birth of Taltarus.

But first Rean must uncover his own past, and discover a secret about himself that he'd rather have not known.

Why is the empire suddenly bent on world domination? Where did they obtain the power to control Mana? Why are they systematically destroying the free nations of Taltarus? How is Rean interlinked with the entity that controls them?


Taltarus consists of three continents, with each continent harboring multiple nations. The Lemarre Continent is the largest in Taltarus and its nations of Kue, Iycd, and Arechon are the most advanced, having reached a level of technology which encompasses a continental rail network and a steampunk society. Most of Lemarre is of a temperate climate, though the land is ravaged and burnt from the furious fighting of the Imperial War twenty years ago. The nation of Kue is a desert nation, and south of Lemarre is the nation of Yasako, an oriental nation based on an archepelago. The Lemarre Continent is, in the time frame of the game, entirely under the control of the insidious Arechon Empire.

Directly east of Lemarre, over the Shimmering Sea, is the smaller continent of Acuria, which mainly comprises of mountainous climes and vast forests. The nations of Ishar and Endor share this continent, though both have been under imperial control for ten years now. A revolutionary movement, known as The Remnants and headed by the ousted king Allun, is based in the eastern region of Endor which seeks to overthrow the Empire's influence. Due to its isolation from the technological hub in Lemarre, society on Acuria is less technologically advanced, and society lags behind at a level comparable with Earth's medieval years.

To the far north, amidst the frozen waters of the Arctic Ocean, lies the tiny, frozen continent of Menets, which is named after the single isolated barony that sprawls upon it. Menets is so far free of imperial rule and remains Taltarus' last free nation, but the barony is a primitive, dark place said to be controlled by vampires and dominated by the supernatural. Nevertheless, it remains a bastion for those fleeing Arechon's wrath.


Taltarus has a rich but violent history. Many ruins dot its surface, remnants of civilisations long since extinct. Some ruins, such as the necropolises of Marrabas and Tarm on Acuria and the Rift Monument on Menets are still intact but are often avoided by explorers, either because they are infested with the ancient undead or because they are sealed and the only clues to open them are written in Ancient Taltaran, a language which no modern scholar can dicipher.

It is known that five thousand years ago a terrible war, known as the Necromancer War, raged across Acuria and brought ruin to the nations of Marrabas and Tarm. Many good people were killed in this war, as a powerful necromancer and his undead army took control of the continent. However, it is said that a hero known as Gaia, wielding a weapon known as the Sword of Lore, rose to drive the undead back and destroy the necromancer. There do not exist many scriptures that deal with Gaia and his heroics and his presence in Taltarus is not common knowledge.

Since then, Taltarus' history has been riddled with minor conflicts, diplomatic scandals and tales of discovery and invention, though nothing is as notable as the Necromancer War and the planet's history becomes monotonous if read too long, to all except the staunchest historians.

Twenty years ago, the Imperial War raged throughout Taltarus when Arctus, the current emperor of Arechon, somehow gained the ability to control Mana, the magical lifeblood of the planet regulated by the four Mana Shards. Being able to harness this fantastic power, the empire surged forward and brought Lemarre, then Acuria, under its control. The conventional weaponry of the resisting nations proved useless to stop the onslaught.

In Taltarus' current year, 5019 +NW, Arctus' autocratic reign has not yet been felled.


Humans are the dominant species in Taltarus. Humanity first evolved on Taltarus roughly thirty thousand years ago. Growth of the human society has been rapid and the modern day sees such inventions as gunpowder, steam power and locomotives in widespread use on the Lemarre Continent. Taltarus is currently experiencing its first Industrial Revolution and no society thus far has advanced beyond this point technologically (as opposed to the space faring society that flourished in Legionwood)

Game Features:
- Experience an intricate and emotional story starring eight characters, each with their own personality and battle strategy.
- Defeat multitudes of carefully scripted foes using a familiar turn based battle system. These enemies are smart and you'll need to think rather than just mash "Attack" to beat them!
- Explore a massive J-RPG world. Legionwood 2 has a great emphasis placed on exploration and dungeon crawling, each location is vast, intricately mapped and full of quests to solve and treasures to discover.
- Play various fun mini games including rapier duelling, a monster arena, Blackjack, and more to earn money and items.


Legionwood 2: Revolution In Taltarus Taltarus2

Legionwood 2: Revolution In Taltarus L2menu

Legionwood 2: Revolution In Taltarus L2dungeon

Legionwood 2: Revolution In Taltarus L2battle

Legionwood 2: Revolution In Taltarus Taltarus5

You can download the trial edition (demo) of Legionwood II by clicking the link below.

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Post by SiNi5T3R on Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:17 am

so excited to try this one. I am on chapter 3 in the first game. Some parts are hard lol but its def a real fun game. Good work!

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